Come with us and be captivated by the scents and flavors of the Umbrian countryside. Discover this spectacular region in a unique tour and learn why it is called the "green heart of Italy".  Do not miss the opportunity to amaze yourself with the beauty of spectacular vineyards and the taste of the best wines in the areas between Montefalco and the Martani Hills. Experience the extra virgin olive oil, or cook your homemade pasta, are just a few of the things you will enjoy, while admiring the breathtaking scenery of the Umbrian valley and all the variety it has to offer!  Let us show you the wonders that we have the privilege of experiencing every day!

Umbrian DOC and DOCG wines

For wine lovers, we’re situated in the heart of Montefalco and Martani Hills region. This is the center of the new Italian wine renaissance! We will guide you through the Strada del Sagrantino (road of Sagrantino) that leads into the most famous wines in Umbria such as Rosso di Montefalco DOC* and Sagrantino DOCG*. 

  • Visit 1-2 run family wine cellars per tour
  • Walk through the various phases of wine production 
  • Tasting from 4 to 6 wines each, including the featured wines
  • It may be paired with local products as cured meats and cheeses or if preferred a typical Umbrian lunch
  • Stroll or picnics in the vineyards (subject to weather conditions)

In late August thru September the wine harvest takes place and you may be part of it!


Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP**

Come with us and follow the EVOO "Strada dell'Olio DOP" olive oil road and discover why Umbria is the first italian region to be declared as Denominazione di Origine Protetta (Dop) protected designation of origin where you can find top quality extra virgin olive oil.

  • Experience first hand visit to the olive groves and family run oil mills
  • Taste the different types of olive oils each paired with bruschetta and charcurterie
  • Discover the variety of cosmetic products derived from this liquid gold

In the Autumn, in October starts the olive harvest, come and join the harvest party in exclusive farmhouses and produce your own extra virgin olive oil. Book now

Culinary Lessons

Full immersion into the Umbrian cuisine!  You will cook authentic italian dishes in a warm, relaxed family atmosphere where you will learn the passion of the Italian kitchen with the guidance of an italian mamma or a professional chef.

Whether you’re looking to perfect your pasta making or learn to make a truffle dish, prepare a delicious tiramisù or merely aspire to treat yourself a traditional homemade pizza, we promise to provide you with an enriching experience into the back roads and culinary delights of Umbria.

So, put on your apron and get ready for an authentic culinary experience!!

Cheese Farm (Caseificio)

Do you love cheese? Have you thought about Italian cheeses?

  • Visit an artisan cheese farm during its production cycle

  • Access and witness this exciting ritual behind the scenes

  • Taste some warm mozzarella or burrata just made, including the featured cheeses

  • Play an interactive role of the various phases of production

Truffle Hunting Excursion

Engage and learn about the old tradition of truffle hunting with a local hunter and his dog a truffle hunting excursion so you can discover how these fragrant delicacies are uncovered. Touch, smell, and even taste real truffles!

  • Experience first hand the extraction of this treasure in the woods
  • Depending on the time of year and location, it is possible to arrange trips to find both black truffles and white truffles

This excursion is combined with a delicious truffle-based lunch and wine tasting. For the truffle lovers this is an experience no culinary fan can miss!