Craft Beer Tasting

Live the experience of a craft beer tasting in a brewery immersed in the green nature of Umbria. The craft beer tasting in ...

Wine Tasting

For wine lovers, we’re situated in the heart of Montefalco and Martani Hills region. This is the center of the new Italian wine renaissance! We will guide you through the Strada del Sagrantino (road of Sagrantino) that leads into the most famous wines in Umbria such as Rosso di Montefalco DOC* and Sagrantino DOCG*.

Truffle Hunting

Join a truffle hunter and his dogs on their daily truffle hunt. Learn about the history and secrets of the Summer Black Truffle (Scorzone) and its hunt. Savour a delicious truffle meal.
*Available only from the end of May thru mid-September.

Cheese Making & Tasting

Engage and learn about the old tradition of making cheese from the sheep’s milk they produce cheeses of different kinds, shape, and aging from the classical Umbrian pecorino to fresh soft cheeses, mozzarella and ricotta.

Cooking Lesson

Learn the lifestyle and traditions of the Umbrian cuisine through a cooking lesson in an informal and friendly environment. Visit a local farmhouse; get hands-on as you cook a multi-course meal, including appetizers, pasta and meat dishes prepared with local products accompanied with local wine and dessert.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting

Discover the secrets of Umbria's green gold and enjoy a fully local tasting  experience, on this tour of a family-owned extra virgin olive oil producer.  Taste the different types of olive oils, monocultivar, blends and others each paired with bruschetta and typical dishes of the Umbrian cuisine which will open your senses to a new dimension of essences and make a journey into the taste, history and traditions.

Seasonal Harvest 

Be part of the Italian culture in the heart of the countryside and live the unique experience of learning to recognize Umbrian grapes and take part in the vendemmia.  Live the dream of harvesting olives and make your own Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a tasting party for young and old.  

Wine Harvest
Olive Harvest